Wear OS Now Reminds Users to Wash Their Hands

Wear OS Now Reminds Users to Wash Their Hands

So far, COVID-19 has taken the lives of over 119,000 people worldwide and infected more than 1.8 million. And the fatal virus continues to spread. The number of confirmed cases is alarming, and in the U.S. alone, there have been over 609,500 positive cases with the death toll being 26,057.

One of the best ways that can help you beat the spread of the novel virus is washing hands frequently. And Google has presented a smart way to remind the users to do so. If you own a Wear OS smartwatch, the new periodic reminders are going to ask you to scrub your hands regularly.

Wear OS is Google’s OS for wearables and smartwatches, and Wear OS is rather creative with notifications. And Google has thought of a clever, yet effective way to remind people to wash their hands.

The best defense against COVID-19, by sending them periodic reminders. The Verge reports that the new feature is part of the v5.4.0 update for the Google Clock app, as per Android Police. Android Police first identified this feature. This feature is added in the Clock application and is going to send reminders every three hours. Considering the on-going situation, this reminder is going to make you head over to the sink and wash your hands. And once you are ready, you can start a countdown of 40-seconds. The notification comes with a shortcut to hit start on a timer for washing your hands. When you click on the notification, it is going to start a 3-second timer before you turn on the tap and get the water running before the starting of the 40-second timer during which you are going to be thoroughly washing your hands. Also, the app clearly instructs to always use soap to wash hands.

Once the timer is up, the watch is going to buzz and inform you how you are going to get another reminder in 3 hours. You can also find the timer in the app drawer.

The users can also disable the feature if they want.

Washing your hands for more than 20 seconds, but preferably for 40 seconds, has been proven to kill the virus cells. This means that simply washing hands with soap could prevent your chances of contracting the virus. The reminder helps you in remembering it easily and get into the habit of washing your hands frequently.

The past couple of months have been terrible for some countries. Coronavirus has affected and killed millions. To keep yourself and your loved ones safe from this contagious disease, wash your hand with soap for at least 20 seconds. You could sing Happy Birthday twice during that time.