We’ve Added Tinder and iMessage Chat Monitoring in Time for Independence Day 2016!

We’ve Added Tinder and iMessage Chat Monitoring in Time for Independence Day 2016!

The 4th of July is almost here and we here at XNSPY are feeling rather patriotic. This is why we’ve added brand new features into our list of offerings: Tinder and iMessage chat monitoring. These were the two highly requested apps that our customers—in particular, the parents—wanted us to add to our cache of features. To them I’d like to say, I know you’ve waited long. But we really wanted to work on getting the app exactly right for you guys so that you’d get a bug free experience. It did take longer than we expected but we finally got it exactly right. And we’ve managed the features just in time for Independence Day because that’s how we roll.

Tinder Monitoring

If you’re not familiar with Tinder, it is basically a dating app that uses location tracking to find matches near you. It is completely free of cost and it is really easy to use. It is also much preferred over dating websites which are now considered outdated (pun intended). This is why the app attracts younger people. However, as you would have guessed by now, the app has become more of a “hook up” service rather than a dating app. We aren’t judging if you use the app for whatever purpose. We’re just letting you know that if you’ve got a child below 18 who is using the app to hook up with complete strangers, you should be informed about it.

As we’ve come to learn, the app is being used by predators that use the service to scope out their victims. The police have warned parents about sex predators that may be using the app to prey on minors. The app has a section for 13 to 17-year-olds, which makes them even easier to target. When you join Tinder (or any social media platform for that matter) you can choose any birthday you like and there is no way to verify if you’re telling the truth or not. This means that predators can pretend to be teens to attract and talk to minors before coaxing them into a meetup.

It is with these dangers in mind that we’ve given parents the ability to monitor their teen’s Tinder apps. With it, parents will have the ability to view the messages exchanged on the app as well as their dating preferences. This way parents can know who their children are connecting with and can even find out if they plan to meet up with someone unknown or sketchy.

Tinder monitoring is simply the need of the hour for parents with teens. Tinder just happens to be one of the fastest growing dating apps that already has over 50 million users. There are more school children on the app than there are adults over 35. This is definitely something that parents everywhere should be wary of.

iMessage Chat Monitoring

The other thing we’ve added to our list of features is iMessage monitoring.

If you don’t know what iMessage is, let us get you up to speed. It is an IM chat sort of app that allows you to send free messages (photos, sound messages, videos, and your location) to other iOS device users. You can share photos and videos with your contacts, at no cost at all. It is a lot like WhatsApp, Viber, and such apps, and easy to use. There are interesting emoji’s in it too, which makes expressing your feelings interesting and fun. There are good things and bad things about this app, as is the case for most social media apps.

As you can imagine, kids have found creative ways for using this app. They mostly use it to send funny photos or videos of each other to their close friends. That kind of fun is harmless and doesn’t have consequences. However, eventually they take riskier photos and videos as well and they easily dare to send nudes to strangers. There are sexual predators online who coax naïve kids to send revealing selfies and they fall easy victims. If they take sexually aggressive photos of themselves and send them to a stranger, they run the risk of that photo going viral online. This always ends with blackmails and worse consequences.

We’ve developed iMessage monitoring so that parents may look out for the bad stuff and keep kids safe. Keep an eye out!

Keep an Eye Out!

We hope you enjoy the new features we’ve rolled out and hope that they add to your digital monitoring endeavors. As for the people who’ve been requesting it for weeks, thank you for your patience. We hope the features we’ve got out for you are to your liking and that the wait was worth it.

And that’s not it! We here at XNSPY have also been working on a couple of other things. So, you should keep an eye out for even more exciting offers from us coming really soon. Stay tuned to find out more!


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