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How to Spy On Someone's Instagram Account Without Having Phone?

In today's fast-paced digital world, we are moving away from face-to-face communication and relying heavily on virtual communication to get through our days. Phones have now become powerful devices we carry in the palm of our hands as a means of virtual communication.

Most social media platforms, including Instagram, have strict privacy measures that prevent unauthorized access. In this scenario, robust monitoring software can conceal you from suspicious eyes and grant you access to your loved ones' Instagram account. All you need is to find a resourceful tool like XNSPY to spy someone’s Instagram account without having phone.

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Why Should You Spy On Someone’s Instagram Account?

With technology advancing rapidly and making progress across multiple frontiers, the tech-savvy are more than excited to jump on the bandwagon of sharing every tiny detail of their lives on social media networking sites, the most popular being Instagram. Where else would we share the nitty-gritty of our daily lives if not on Instagram?

How to Uninstall Hoverwatch from an Android Device?

Instagram is next to perfect when it comes to entertainment. People love to use it to share pictures and videos, meet new people, explore their interests, watch reels, try out new filters, and tell stories. They find it harmless and amusing. There are certain risks that Instagram carries along with itself. A few keyboard warriors lurking around in search of their new victims are ever-present. What they have planned can often lead to dire consequences.

Instagram is one of those few social media networking apps that makes it nearly impossible to see someone's activity unless you have followed them. Without this, we can't know who's doing what and to what extent.

In the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, parents can't possibly be with their children 24/7. Parents often worry about what their children are up to on their Instagram accounts, whom they are talking with, and what kind of messages and media they are exchanging. Since Instagram is known to be used by the younger generation, we must not forget that they have a greater chance of being lured into risky activities. And those that may cause them to lose confidence, self-esteem, and the desire to engage in real-life social activities.

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How to Spy On Someone’s Instagram Activity

There are multiple ways to find out who's doing what on their social media. Three of the most popular ways are listed below. Remember, you might not get insight into all that you desire unless you choose to track someone's Instagram remotely via monitoring software. Nonetheless, here is how you can see what goes on behind the veil of privacy.

How to Uninstall Hoverwatch from an Android Device?

How to Spy On Private Instagram Profiles

There are only two ways to go about this unless you utilize the services of discrete spy software. Either you can let them know you wish to see their profile, often done through a connection request, or you will have to settle for viewing a part of their profile. Here’s how:

Spy On Someone’s Identity Through a Reverse Username Search

Many social media platforms enable people to select usernames that differ from their original identities, usually for privacy concerns. However, such practices can lead people to impersonate others, create multiple social media accounts, or fake profiles with different usernames. It begs the question of how we know whether a person on Instagram is using their original identity or not. It is where reverse username search comes in. Even with the weirdest of usernames, a reverse search can help people find just about any information they need about a specific user. An Instagram bio or username alone isn't sufficient. Reverse search yields considerable information about a user's profile, phone number, email address, location, IP address, and if they are who they claim to be.

You might then be able to view posts by the account holder and others that may have circulated back to their account. Again, you only get to see a part of their Instagram activity through this method. There is no way you can track their messages. We know most of the secrecy goes on in the DMs, so not being able to view them makes this option limited in terms of Instagram profile tracking.

View Someone’s Private Instagram Account Through a Follow Request

This is the easiest of all possible options to see what one is doing on their Instagram profile. If your profile seems genuine enough to the person you want to track, then all you have to do is send a follow request and wait. Once your request is accepted, you can view their personal Instagram feed, story posts, followers, and the kinds of accounts they follow based on interest.

In case your follow request is not accepted, you can either get some mutual acquaintances to show you the activities of the person you want to monitor through their device, or you can use one of those free Instagram viewer apps available on the Internet. Both of these come with their disadvantages. Using shortcuts has never made matters easier. If you use one or both options, you could make the process more chaotic, or you might unintentionally download malicious software on your phone.

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Monitor Instagram Accounts Without a Trace – XNSPY

Have you exhausted all possible options to track someone’s Instagram activities? Are you looking for someone or something that does the job for you without breaking the bank or letting the other person know they are being monitored? Here is what you need:

How to Uninstall Hoverwatch from an Android Device?

It's Your Secret Weapon for Monitoring Instagram Activity

You need Xnspy — a smartphone monitoring software that will work for you remotely and discreetly. Once installed, viewing someone's Instagram activity or any other social media activity is like a walk in the park.

Risk-Free Surveillance

Spying on someone’s Instagram without getting noticed is very much possible. All you need to do is install an XNSPY Instagram spying app on the target device. Following a quick and easy download, you can discreetly monitor any device at your convenience from your secure online account. And you don't have to access the phone ever again. The data, including photos, videos, likes, comments, and messages, stored on the monitored cellphone will be easily accessible from your online account.

Track Someone’s Private Instagram Activity Using Xnspy

Xnspy is fully compatible with iOS and Android devices. It has a dedicated Instagram tracking feature allowing you to monitor media files with date and time stamps and audio and screen recordings. You can also view the messages exchanged. It can also get you alerts on specific words typed in the app and on the device. Xnspy also runs in complete stealth mode, so you can easily monitor someone’s smartphone without them knowing.

Slide into Those DMs, Secretly

Uncover the cloak from those Instagram messages where all the secrecy remains. Don’t miss a single conversation thread, photos, videos, or audio recording. With just a few simple steps, you will have your secret weapon ready to monitor, as you deem appropriate. View all incoming and outgoing messages from the app and keep records of deleted messages. Even disappearing messages can be tracked using Xnspy with the app’s social media screen recording feature.

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How to Install Xnspy on Your Device

Quick and easy, you only need to follow four simple steps to start tracking remotely:


Xnspy Subscription

Visit the Xnspy website and select a subscription plan that fits your needs to complete your purchase.


Download and Install Xnspy

Finish the setup on Android and jailbroken iOS devices by downloading and installing Xnspy on the target device.


Setup the iCloud device

For non-jailbroken iOS devices, users must pair their Xnspy dashboard with the iCloud account associated with the target device.


Monitor at your will

Once you have completed the steps, log into your Xnspy account. You will find all the stored data of the monitored device on your Xnspy dashboard.

You have followed all the steps, and the app is ready to use. What's next? Head to the user dashboard where all of the Xnspy features will work. View Instagram activity or any other social media activity by navigating to the 'Instagram' option under 'Social Media Apps.'

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Frequently Asked Questions

question General Questions

  • Parents can use the in-built parental controls offered by Instagram or install a third-party app like Xnspy to monitor their children's activities on their smartphones. On Instagram specifically, parents can see which accounts their children are following, who they are communicating with, and what type of content they are sharing and engaging in. Through Xnspy's screen-recording feature, parents can view screenshots taken every time their child reaches for their cellphone.

  • You can spy on someone's Instagram profile effectively and securely via Xnspy. Xnspy enables you to see Instagram stories, feeds, and all the multimedia and messages exchanged. You can also block users, configure settings, or unfollow and restrict inappropriate content from the app. It is easy to install and has a customizable alert system that notifies you if you feel the target user is engaging in age-inappropriate activities.

  • Many spying apps offer users a built-in tracking system and all-inclusive access to targeted cellphones. However, they vary in features offered, pricing, and usability. We recommend using Xnspy. It offers multiple top-tier features, extensive compatibility, budget-friendly pricing, and is operational in complete stealth mode.

  • There is no direct way to see your child's Instagram messages as the app does not provide a user interface for this purpose. Many spy software allows you to monitor someone's Instagram and view their media and messages. Xnspy, however, does that for you remotely and discreetly.

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