Top 10 Android Spy Apps of 2021 [UPDATED]

Date: 3rd March 2021

Each year we get to see more advanced mobile devices than ever before. Artificial intelligence and bezel-less smartphones are already sweeping users off their feet. But it’s not just the hardware that is beefing up, mobile operating systems are also going head-to-head with the premium smartphones. Google’s Android is a prime example.

The most popular mobile operating system (72.7% smartphones are running Android) is no longer a scrappy preteen that is duking it out in a simulated schoolyard. In fact, the newest release from Google, Android 11 is much safer than you think. It is faster, smarter, more powerful and sweeter than any of the previous Android OS versions. But, no matter how advanced an OS is, you can still always use hidden spy apps for Android to see what others are up to.

And to help you out, we have prepared a list of best Android spyware programs of 2021 that will empower you to keep an eye on Android users’ online activities.

Features To Look For Before Buying A Phone Spy App For Android

Getting yourself the best spy app for Android means looking into some specific features. Here’s what the best apps to spy on Android have to offer:

  • Phone and Surround Recording: Listening in on someone’s phone calls or phone surroundings could tell you some very insightful details. The best monitoring apps for Android will definitely have those features up their sleeves.
  • Screen Recording: With Android security getting better with every update, even the top apps to spy on Android find it difficult to keep up with. Many features that you see on a spy app’s website won’t be available once you check with them. However, with an app like Xnspy, you could still do things like monitoring social apps or secretively reading texts and emails.
  • Stealth Mode: How can it be the best spyware app for Android if it can’t work under cover. If you would like to monitor someone without grabbing a lot of attention, you must pick an app that has a strong stealth mode.
  • Social Apps Monitoring: If your monitoring app for Android can’t log into the target person’s social media, there’s not enough to pry on. Make sure the social apps you want to spy on are covered by your choice of app.
  • Excellent After-Sales: Using any top Android spy app isn't always the smoothest of rides, even if you have picked the best Android spyware app. The backups may not happen as planned, or the app may get deleted because the target device was reset. To get yourself back in the game without missing out on too much, you need an app with the best customer support and development teams.

How We Rated These Top Android Spying Apps?

Our analysis of best android spying apps will enable you to make an informed decision when choosing an app to spy on an Android device as we have used the following criteria to rate these top 10 Android spy apps of 2021 :

  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Limitations
  • Compatibility
  • Pricing
  • Customer Support
  • Live Demo/Free Trial

We have taken a weighted average of the aforementioned criteria to give each app it’s overall rating.

Comparing 10 Best Remote Spy Apps For Android


At first place on the list of 10 best Android spy apps is Xnspy. It aims to give you remote control of the target device by fetching information from it such as call logs, texts, emails, chats taking place on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, and other popular platforms. It even gives you the control to track GPS location and social media activities of the user if they have an account on Tinder or Instagram. The sleuthing tool can also be used to record device surroundings and monitors specific activities once the user defines the keywords such as names, numbers, and locations. It’s because of these features, it’s one of the most popular android spying apps on the block.

The information collected through this Android spy software is easy to access from any internet ready device. Everything is uploaded to your personal Xnspy web account for you to review in your own time. All of this is done stealthily without your target ever knowing about it. Remember, you need one-time access to the device you wish to monitor in order to install the spy app. Once the app is installed, you are all set to lay your eyes on the target’s activities.

XNSPY - best android spy app


Xnspy is compatible with Android OS versions 4.0 to 11 It is one of the few top rated android spy apps that works on devices running the latest Android 11.0.


Despite being the best monitoring app for android, Xnspy hasn’t made this a reason to rip you off. It has classified its subscription packages into two categories: Basic Edition and Premium Edition. While the Basic plan has all the regular spying features, the Premium packages cater to the needs of power users with advanced functionalities. The Basic Edition can be availed for as low as $4.99 a month and Premium subscription can be enjoyed at $7.49 a month.


  • Advanced features like geofencing, call recording, ambient Recording and quick Watchlist Alerts are hard to get at this price.
  • The remote commands cause no lags or virtual interruptions.
  • With Remote Installation Support, you won’t even have to configure the device to set the up spy app as it takes care of everything. This is a feature which most of the best hidden spy apps for Android lack.
  • 24/7 tech support is there to assist you through every step of the process.
  • Extensive support for Android devices allows you to monitor oldest to latest mobile devices.
  • User-friendly interface drastically enhances user experience.
  • Allows you to retrieve deleted messages and other information.
  • Register visited locations even when there is no cellular coverage.


  • Doesn’t offer a free trial version.
  • Lack support for personal computers, BlackBerry, Windows and Symbian devices.

Rating 9.4/10

2. Spyzie

Next on the list of most popular tracking apps for Android is Spyzie. It lets you retrieve extensive details relating to the monitored device without blowing your cover. And it doesn’t even require you to root the device. The app can be used to track location, contacts, call logs, text messages, and much more. It also has the capability to monitor popular social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Advanced features such as keylogger, screen capture, call recording, ambient recording and others make it a valuable solution for parents who want to monitor their children’s itsy-bitsy details of their cell phone use. The best part is this efficient Android monitoring software of 2021 stays 100 percent invisible on the target device as the app icon disappears once you install it on the desired device.

That said, you are required to access the target device manually in order to set up the program.

Top rated android spy apps


Spyzie is now compatible with Android 8.0 Oreo. But it’s unclear whether it still supports devices running previous Android OS versions such as 7.0 Nougat, 6.0 Marshmallow, 5.0 Lollipop, 4.4 KitKat, etc.


On this frontier, it seems like that Spyzie is truly enchasing its status of one of the best phone spy app for android around. It has two subscription plans for users: Ultimate Edition and Premium Edition. The Ultimate Edition offers limited features, so the yearly license will cost you $89.88 a month. Whereas the Premium Edition lets you up your spy game with a huge cache of features. As a result, the price is also steep, i.e. $99.99 for a year’s license.


  • The program offers almost all the spying features that are available on other popular software.
  • It offers a schedule restriction feature that enables users to limit device’s usage.
  • With App Activity graph, you can instantly determine which apps monitored person is using more often.


  • The price of the app is on the higher side.
  • Often fails to download call and ambient recordings.
  • Doesn’t update GPS location in real time.
  • After-sales service is poor. Their customer service persistently fails to address users’ issues.
  • Spyzie is deceiving potential buyers of others spy apps by running fake online ads such as this one.
spyzie android spy app

Rating: 8.3/10

3. Flexispy

Flexispy is another useful spying tool and ranks as third best android espionage app. The program lets you snoop on popular Android messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Tinder, and more. View phone contacts, internet browsing history, track app activity, snap images with the remote camera feature and see everything that is being typed on the monitored device.

The spy app has a remarkable ambient recording function that lets you eavesdrop on behind-the-wall conversations. Also, it allows you to track the location of the monitored device by pinpointing the location on a map. You can even record VOIP calls with the stealth spy app and monitor specific activities by creating custom alerts.

Hidden android spy apps


Flexispy works with mobile devices only. It’s a huge turn off for people who are looking for undetectable android spy apps that supports all the devices, including desktop monitoring. That said, Flexispy is compatible with all the devices that are running Android OS 4.0.3 to 7.1.1. However, you need to root the device to enjoy all the Flexispy features.


You have to choose between the Premium and Extreme packages in order to get a valid license to use this app. The 12-month Premium package costs about $149 a month whereas the 12-month Extreme plan for demanding users will cost you $349 a month.


  • Handle multiple devices at once using individual dashboard.
  • Track suspicious words in text messages, get notified when a certain number calls and enters or leaves a certain area using Alert Wizard.
  • Download recorded phone calls in bulk.
  • The skilled technicians at Flexispy have made the installation process easy.


  • Flexispy doesn’t support latest devices that come with Android 8.0 Oreo.
  • It doesn’t allow users to intercept phone calls on Dual SIM phones and CDMA networks.
  • The app hangs when you run remote camera capture functionality.
  • People who aren’t that tech-savvy find it very difficult to use because it has a very complex user interface.
  • Flexispy claims to offer more than 150 spying features, but in reality, that isn’t the case.
  • Users cannot claim a refund because it doesn’t have any quibble refund policy.
  • The prices for the subscription packages are quite steep.

See Also: Xnspy vs Flexispy: A Detailed Comparison

Rating: 8.0/10.

4. MobiStealth

The high-end mobile spy app to track Android phone can aid you to safeguard your children and business interests. It lets you track browsing history, saved videos and photos. Furthermore, like other hidden android spying apps, you can record phone calls and get the location of the device with it the GPS feature is turned off. In case of an issue, you can seek instant help by connecting with the live chat support staff of this great Android monitoring software of 2021.

MobiStealth is tamper proof. This ensures the app keeps running in the background at all times. Getting the app installed on the device is relatively easy. Once installed, the app begins to collect information without ado. You can spy on calls, text messages, access calendar entries, remotely control the device as well as installed apps.

most popular android spy apps


MobiStealth’s official website doesn’t describe which Android operating systems this software supports. As a result, it’s hard to say which Android devices you can tap with this tool. However, the company did mention on its website that they are compatible with all carriers. This includes 3, AT&T, Orange, Sprint, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, and Verizon.


The 12-month basic Pro plan of MobiStealth can be bought for $119.99, while the premium Pro-X package can be subscribed for $179.99.


  • Offers free update feature.
  • Logs every keystroke with the keylogging and screenshot features.
  • Bug an environment by recording target device’s surroundings.
  • Provides you access to target’s Gmail activities.


  • Customer support isn’t available 24/7.
  • There is no actual refund policy.
  • The program doesn’t seem to support latest Android devices.
  • MobiStealth doesn’t offer any free trial.
  • Some spying functionalities of the app could infringe privacy laws.
  • The features vary from platform to platform.
  • Both subscription plans carry a hefty price tag.

Rating: 7.5/10

5. SpyEra

Another worthy contender on the list of 10 best apps to monitor Android is Spyera. It is designed to offer a variety of cell phone monitoring features. Some characteristics of this best spyware for android include listening to the device surroundings, location tracking, eavesdropping on phone conversations undetectably, accessing text messages, and emails, chats, MMS and contact details.

Spyera offers all the features one would expect from the latest breed of hidden android spy apps. In fact, you can find some additional and advanced features. For instance, the app has the capability to tap into someone’s BBM messages. Setting up the app also doesn’t take too long, but it requires rooting.

best spyware android


Spyera is compatible with all Android operating systems including 7.1.1 version. But it has yet to release an update to support latest Android devices like Samsung Galaxy S21 and Note 21.


The yearly license fee for a smartphone is $389. However, if you are looking to tap into someone’s Android tablet, then the charges will be slightly less, $249 for 12 months.


  • Remote control feature of the program lets you regulate different aspects of the target phone.
  • The program is fairly easy to use.
  • It offers a hoard of spying features.
  • Lets you set SIM card change alert, use spy camera feature, pry on calls, remotely uninstall the app, and gives you the option to check battery levels on the target device.


  • Spyera doesn’t support devices running Android 8.0 Oreo.
  • The absence of Free Trial and Live Demo is a big disappointment for users as there is no other way to gauge the performance of the program before buying it.
  • Since users can only register their complaints by generating Support Ticket, it takes Spyera a lot of time to address users concerns.
  • It won’t let you block websites or keywords.
  • It requires some technical skills to install the app on an Android device.
  • This is an expensive product. Considering you have to disburse hundreds of dollars even if you are buying a 3-month plan.
  • The spy camera feature frequently causes a lag.

Rating: 7.1/10

Verdict: So, Which One To Choose?

With technology advancement, it is a haven for apps to monitor Android phones and for that reason, we get to see a fairly big list for best android spying apps. However, Xnspy’s extensive and expansive features make this a no brainer. The app may not have the biggest list of features, but it does have all the necessary ones, including many exclusives (like the Call Time Activity Punch Card, actuarial reports for top callers and top browsed sites, etc.), which could save you hours of your daily time—that time which you otherwise would be spending sifting through every phone log, one by one. Xnspy is easy to use, delivers consistent performance, and offers an extensive array of features with relatively fewer limitations.

Fake Android Spying Apps to Avoid:

1. xpspy

Does the name sound familiar? Of course, it does. It rhymes with the best spy app for android on our list, i.e. Xnspy. It’s common for an app as popular as Xnspy to have copycats. But be careful not to take your cards out for "XpSpy" because there’s no guarantee what else could you lose apart from your money when you download some unreliable spyware on their phone. The target phone user could get into many different types of troubles. Their personal information could be extracted from their devices by this shady app and then sold off the internet or used for extortion. So beware and don’t try "XpSpy" when you can get Xnspy with the advanced features, a minimal price, and 24/7 customer support.

2. xyspy

There’s not just a single copycat who’s trying to profit from the name of the best app to monitor Android out there. XySpy is just another flawed app that you shouldn’t try at all. But we had to tell because it's easy getting scammed when you miss out on tiny details, like the difference of only one letter between the original and fake app's names.


  • Do Android spy apps really work?

    Yes, Android spying apps work, and they work pretty nice, considering you have the right app for the job. However, even the best apps to spy on Android now come with numerous asterisks, indicating either a bunch of prerequisites or discontinued features. Additionally, some only work on rooted Android devices, while others don’t support the latest Android versions. Make sure you have the best app to monitor Android like Xnspy to get it done. Our app works with all Android devices. Plus, rooting is only optional.

  • What are the best phone spy apps for Android that work without a target phone?

    All Android apps require one-time access to the target phone during which the installation is done. However, you wouldn’t need physical access afterward. Everything happens remotely, and all the monitoring is done via your web account. If you are looking for the best spyware for Android, we can’t emphasize enough on Xnspy. Our app comes with the best support and development teams who are always there to make your experience a great one.

  • Which spy apps can be installed remotely for Android?

    Installing a spy app remotely isn’t just possible for now. Even the best Android monitoring apps are not designed for that. You would need something like malware for that purpose which goes beyond the legal and ethical boundaries of monitoring someone’s smartphone. We always recommend taking the other party’s consent to ensure an amicable experience.

  • What are the best Android monitoring apps for WhatsApp chats?

    While there are many apps to monitor Android phones that allow you to monitor someone’s WhatsApp chats, it all boils down to your propensity to pay. If you are looking for spying on WhatsApp chats, we recommend going for Xnspy, which can get it done for you for as little as USD 4.99.

  • How do I check for spy apps on my Android phone?

    The best spying apps for Android don’t go by their name once installed on a phone, so your best bet is to use some guesswork. Look for any unusual apps installed on your phone. Some apps are not good at hiding and may leave traces, like a shortcut. Other times, spying apps may disguise as some calculator or a weather app. Others may very well hide on your phone without leaving any traces. Check for any unusual activity on your phone. This could include abnormal heating of your cell phone or your phone’s screen switching on or off on its own. You will also find your data plan running out sooner or your battery draining faster. If you find any of these signs on your phone, go for factory resetting your phone, and it will delete even the best hidden spy apps for Android from your phone.

  • Does factory reset on Android remove spyware?

    Yes, factory resetting your device will remove any apps installed to spy on your Android phone.

  • Is it possible for any Android monitoring app to hide its mobile data usage?

    No, it’s not likely to happen. However, many top Android monitoring apps like Xnspy allow you to optionally upload backups only when the device is either connected to power or Wi-Fi.

  • Which Android devices are compatible with Xnspy?

    All Android devices are compatible with the app, including 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, and 9.x. The devices compatible with the app include Android phones and tablets.

  • What does the keylogger feature do?

    Keylogging is short for keystroke logging. It is a feature provided by most spy apps, and it monitors the keystrokes on the device. With Xnspy, the keylogger feature works on applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger. Hence, you can monitor all the outgoing messages on the device.

  • Do I need physical access to download Xnspy on Android?

    To download and install the app on an Android, you need a physical access to the device which is pretty common for all best remote spy apps for android. After you have subscribed to Xnspy, a download link will be sent to your email account. Open the link on the device that you want install the app on. After the file is downloaded, you can simply install the app just like any other app download from the internet.

  • How do I update Xnspy?

    The team at Xnspy is committed to improving user experience and offering the best features. Hence, the app is regularly updated. To update the app on the phone, you need to reinstall the app on the device.

  • How often is the data uploaded to the account?

    If the phone is connected to Wi-Fi, you will receive live updates. If the device is not connected to the Wi-Fi, you will not receive live updates. To change this setting, log into your Xnspy account. Select Settings, and go to Toggle Features. Scroll to the end of the list, and turn off “Upload Media Content on Wi-Fi.”

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