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How Can I Track Internet History On
a Cell Phone?

Tracking internet history on a cell phone is one of the top Google searches. Why? Because there are millions of parents around the world who want to know what their kids are browsing on their personal cell phones and tablets. And it’s not just the parents who want to know their kids’ internet history but also employers who want to know what their employees surf during the office hours. Are they secretly planning to ditch the company? Are they spending their time watching porn or downloading movies? Are they being productive at work?

How to track internet history on Android and iOS phones
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Why Should Parents Monitor What Internet Sites Their Children Visit?

When it comes to parents tracking the internet browsing history of their kids, it’s not because they are interested in breaching the private space of their kids but due to the fact that the internet is not a safe place for them. The ever-rising stories of children being sexually abused and groomed for sex and other types of online crimes are making parents revise their entire parenting practices. Of course, parents educate their kids on safe internet use, but you can’t leave them unsupervised especially when they are young and they think they know everything. Even some of the laxest parents now want to have parental controls on their children’s electronic devices to watch over what their kids are up to on social media, instant messaging, or web browsing. That’s why parents are in search of a cell phone internet history tracker that tells them everything about their kid’s web searchers.

When it comes to tracking internet history on a cell phone, parents’ concerns are real. With no parental controls in place, a child could be surfing anything, including porn, dating sites or graphic content. And even if kids don’t want to browse such things, they could still end up getting exposed to such content, unwantedly, due to bait clicks and ads that the internet is full of.

There are a few handful ways of tracking internet history on a cell phone. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

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Use A Cell Phone Monitoring App

Monitoring apps are a very handy solution for parents to keep an eye on what their kids browse or do on their smartphones. Even employers can use these apps to track what sites their employees log into with the company-provided smartphone. These monitoring apps let you remotely track the internet history without even touching the phone. How great is that? Plus, they are compatible with both Android phones and iPhones.

Now to track the history, you will need the best monitoring app and XNSPY could be your best bet. It will give you access to all the sites visited or bookmarked by your kids or employees on their phone.

XNSPY isn’t available on the Play Store or App Store, so you will have to download it manually on the target device (See: How to Install). The monitored device also needs a working internet connection so Xnspy could backup the browsing history to its server. Also, remember that XNSPY works only with Android and iOS devices.

Accessing Tracked Internet History

Once you have the app installed on the target device, XNSPY will start fetching internet browsing history. All the tracking internet history can be accessed from your XNSPY Dashboard, a browser-based control panel.

Follow the steps below if you want to know how can I check my child's internet history using Xnspy:

Step 1:

Visit and enter your login credentials to access the Xnspy dashboard.

Xnspy dashboard for internet history monitoring
Xnspy dashboard for internet history monitoring

Step 2:

From the menu at your left, choose "Phone logs" and then choose "internet history" as a drop-down menu appears.

Step 3:

From there, you can check not just the internet history of the target phone but also the pages they have bookmarked.

Xnspy dashboard for internet history monitoring

Xnspy’s Web History Analysis Log

Xnspy has a special analysis log that shows you the top 10 sites visited by the monitored device on the particular browser. You can also see the number of times they visited a particular URL in a given time.

This is a great feature to check the frequency by which the user visits particular URLs and then you can take further action from there.

Track the Bookmarks

Everyone has added bookmarks on their browser to easily access the sites they like or browse the most. You can check those bookmarks too with Xnspy. The procedure for that is already discussed above.

Log-in to Xnspy to track internet browsing history

Accessing Deleted Internet Browsing History

Many people want to know if they can access the deleted browsing history with their cell phone internet history tracker. Well, the answer to this question is subjective on whether Xnspy was able to create a backup before the history was deleted. Having said that, if a monitored user deletes history right away after browsing, it’s very likely that it won’t be backed up. However, if the browsing history is backed up, it will stay with XNSPY for as long as you want and won’t be deleted even if it's deleted from the monitored device.

This is a great feature to check the frequency by which the user visits particular URLs and then you can take further action from there.

Xnspy Also Monitors Incognito Browsing

Let’s face it; our kids are extremely smart. If they are browsing something forbidden, they would either delete that history or browse in incognito mode. Same goes for your employees.

Incognito mode lets you hide your digital footprint. Anything accessed from the incognito mode wouldn’t appear in the web history of the browser. But fortunately, with Xnspy, you can even monitor private browsing. In fact, Xnspy is among the very few monitoring apps that lets you monitor the private-mode web browsing.

Device Compatibility for Internet History Tracking

As aforementioned, XNSPY works with all Android and iOS devices. However, we highly recommend you to visit our Compatibility Page.

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Other Ways to Track Web History

1. By Accessing The Device’s History

If you don’t want to use a cell phone monitoring app to track web history on a phone, then the next solution is to simply access the target phone and view its web history. Here is how you can do that on Android and iPhone:

Tracking on Android

Open the Chrome browser and select the 3 dots at the top right corner.

Scroll down and select history. This will show you a list of all the URLs visited by the monitored device by using Chrome.

Tracking on iPhone

Open the Safari app on the iPhone and select the book-shaped icon.

Then select the clock icon to see what sites were visited by the person from this browser for tracking the internet history on the network.

Different ways to track web search history

2. By Accessing the Router Logs

You can also check someone’s internet history with router logs. Follow these steps to do that:

Step 1: Type or in the address bar of your browser. Enter the administrator username and password.

Step 2: Go to the administration page and look for a section named “logs.”

Step 3: Click “enable” if the feature is not activated beforehand. Now your router will monitor and record every IP address on the network.

The next time you want to access someone’s web browsing history, just access the log files by clicking logs. Remember that any user who is connected to the network can delete his browser history. It is best to configure the router to record logs of all the internet activities on the network.

3. Cookies Can Show You Some Hints, Too

Internet cookies are also another workable method to access internet history. A cookie is a small text file that’s stored within your internet browser. They store user information from the sites you visit. Some of us think of them as spying tools but actually, in most instances, they remember your account and browsing history making it easier for you when you revisit websites.

4. Or You Can Simply Apply Controls

Part of monitoring web history is to ensure that your child or employees are not spending time on websites that aren’t appropriate or a waste of the company’s time, respectively. To stop that, you can apply controls on the browsers.


Chrome brings you a bundle of security features. It allows you to lock “Google safe search” to stop a user from searching anything that’s prohibited by you in the first place.


There are no particular control features by Firefox. To block unethical sites, you can use an add-on extension. You can then blacklist the sites that you don’t want the user to access.

Sometimes, accessing someone’s phone just like that to check the web browsing history is not a convenient option. Also, if you the device you want to monitor has deleted the recently visited tabs and the browsing history from their device, you won’t be able to do anything about it.

Checking the log files from the router could get technical for some people. This method is mostly used in companies to keep track of the online activities of their employees. The best method at hand would be to choose a cell phone monitoring app and nothing could be better than Xnspy.

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Why Xnspy Is A Better Option For Tracking Internet History?

There are lots of reasons why Xnspy is the safest and the most convenient option when it comes to checking someone’s internet browsing history. Let’s have a look at some of those reasons:

  • The Installation is Simple

    Installing Xnspy on the monitored device is simple. You will get an installation guide which you must follow step by step to accurately install and activate the app. This shall take 5 to 10 minutes depending on how familiar you are with the technology.

    That’s the only time you will need access to the target device for installing the app. Once the app is activated, you can rely on Xnspy to do its job.

  • You will be Monitoring Remotely

    Xnspy gives you access to a web account from where you will be monitoring everything on the monitored device, remotely. So basically, whatever the monitoring device is accessing from a remote location, you will be able to view it from the comfort of your home. You can monitor them from your computer or phone, whatever suits you.

  • You will get Access to Deleted Browsing History

    The best thing about using Xnspy is that you can even access the browsing history details that the user deletes from their phone. As long as Xnspy has created its backup, you will never miss out on anything.

  • It is User-Friendly

    Xnspy is one of the most user-friendly apps with an easy-to-use interface. You will get to navigate through the mobile browsing history and check the top 10 visited sites on the phone at your disposal.

Other Features of Xnspy

Xnspy is not just capable of tracking web browsing history; it is a complete monitoring app with advanced monitoring features. So, along with web browsing history, here are some other features you will be getting:

Other features on offer by Xnspy

Text Messages - You can read all the messages sent and received by the target device.

Phone Logs - You will be able to see the log of all the outgoing and incoming calls.

Location - Whether it is their current location, location history or geofencing, you can keep track of the whereabouts of the target phone via Xnspy.

Photos and Videos - You can remotely view the photos and videos downloaded on the phone’s gallery.

IMs - You can read their conversations on different IMs such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Line, or even Skype.

Read Emails and View Online Activities - With Xnspy, you can keep track of the emails sent and received by the device and you can also monitor their browser’s internet activities.

Surround and call recording - With Xnspy, you can even record the phone’s surroundings and phone calls and listen to them later on.

Other features on offer by Xnspy

Summing Up

Internet history tracking is simple and easy if you have the right tool for it. You can try other ways but if you are looking for detailed information, using a cell phone monitoring app is the right call. XNSPY provides fast and effective internet history monitoring at a very minimal price. You can learn more about internet history tracking here.

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