Coronavirus: It’s better to be scared than be scarred for life

Coronavirus: It’s better to be scared than be scarred for life

It’s not very often that the planet earth experiences pandemics. Historical figures tell us there had been a pandemic once every century. Which means, it’s the first pandemic experience for most of us people alive now.

We are confused, worried, and oblivious. When the virus first struck Wuhan, the business capital of China’s Hubei province, there was a lot of misinformation that spread which lead to people believing in false propaganda. A lot of us were initially made to believe that Coronavirus is very much like flu with mild symptoms in most cases. But as of March 24, 2020, the statistics say otherwise. With over 4,000 deaths in Italy, 2000+ in Spain, and an aggregate death toll of 16578 at 437 am (ET), it’s okay if you’ve started feeling paranoid. Because it’s just been a couple of months since COVID-19’s patient zero in China was reported, and we’ve already lost thousands of people. The mortality rate which was once believed to be under 2% has jumped to 3.6% as per a March 5, 2020 update by WHO.

It’s okay to feel petrified after seeing all that’s happening in Italy and Spain. Think about what would happen to underdeveloped countries in Asia and Africa if the virus strikes them as hard as it has so far in developed countries. This has the potential to make COVID-19 into another Spanish Flu disaster where much of the lives were lost outside China in the Indian sub-continent.

Why is it okay to feel scared?

Social distancing is the key element in flattening the graph since there’s no vaccine or treatment currently available for the novel Coronavirus. But a lot of people aren’t thinking through when they decide to get out of their homes except for essentials. If you had got the chance to listen to the post-outbreak stories of Italy’s people, they all had one thing in common: they didn’t listen to what the government was telling them. They didn’t take the virus seriously until it was too late. Most people continued going out and chose not to wear a mask.

It’s better to feel scared than being scarred for life. Why? Because that would keep you off the streets. For someone like me who used to get apocalyptic nightmares already, the COVID-19 outbreak really shook me, keeping me inside my house for most of the time.

I think there’s still time. No matter which country you are reading this from, social distancing is the key to keep yourself and others safe around you. You will be really proud of yourself for keeping yourself and your family safe once it’s all over. Which we hope to end soon.

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