How Many of These XNSPY Dads Do You Know?


We have recently been talking to a lot of our users to find out even more about them. Overwhelmingly, a lot of our users were dads. We talked about our XNSPY Dad Unit before, and it seems that as the years go by, it becomes stronger and finger gun pointier than ever.

And it’s about time I gave you all a much awaited shout out. So, today’s blog is my tribute to all you amazing dads who’re doing a darn good job with their kids.

Funnily enough, the XNSPY Dads can be put into 5 categories…

1. The Corporate Dad

“Why do you use XNSPY?” I asked.

“I want to track my kid and my kid’s driver.” He replied.

The “he” in this case is a 50 year old businessman who has appointed a driver for his teenager. This category of dad is super busy, so tracking the geo-location of their kids and the people around them helps him know where they are. Like him, most dads told me that they view their kid’s current GPS location on a map to keep a closer watch.

2. The Learning Dad

A single dad shares his experience…

This dad shares his experience of how his three teenage sons—who didn’t even have a license yet—decided to sneak out and attend a music festival they weren’t allowed to go to. That’s how he learnt that he’s got to be on his toes and take XNSPY on his side.

2. The Paranoid Dad

“I need to control my kid’s location.” A 45 year old executive in finance and dad tells me.  And he wasn’t the only one. The Paranoid Dad knows what’s up when it comes to spotting the bad neighborhoods from the good. And naturally, they always worry that their kids will rebel and go there anyway. This dad uses our “mark certain places” feature to make sure his young don’t go astray.

3. The Protective Dad

“My teenaged daughter has depression. I monitor her cellphone to make sure she is not looking at content that provokes sadness or gives her negative thoughts.” A 43 year old father shares his story. ThisProtective Dad makes it a point to use the “look at their photos” feature to make sure his daughter is only exposed to positive things. How sweet is that?

4. The Travelling Dad

“I track my entire family so I know everyone is safe. My job requires a lot of travelling so I can’t be with them all the time” a 55 year old dad tells me. This too is a common theme in the survey: the dad who wants to see their entire family at one place even when they weren’t with them.

5. The Chill Dad

“I just want to make sure my daughter is doing the right thing. So I like to play detective dad rather than strict dad” says a 48 year old father who runs his own business. This category of dad wants to avoid confrontation and opts for a sneakier monitoring method.

But you know what? No matter what type of dad you are, I’m sure you’re doing a great job! So here’s to all the fathers out there! Thank you for sharing your story with me and inspiring us all with your awesomeness.

So, tell me. What category of “dad” do you fall under?


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