How to Help Someone With an Online Shopping Addiction Through Mobile Monitoring—Part 2

How to Help Someone With an Online Shopping Addiction Through Mobile Monitoring—Part 2

In the last blog, we talked about compulsive buying disorder and how it has been aggravated with the proliferation of online shopping. Sure, online retail is an amazing development in tech which has benefits millions of people who would otherwise not have access to certain goods and services. But for people with CBD, they’ve become yet another avenue to feed their addiction. Because the source of their addiction exists in the palm of their hands—in their smartphones and tablets.

Which makes us wonder…

There is a more direct, active way you can help someone with an online shopping addiction.

Of course, emotional support and encouragement will play an important part in your role in their road to recovery, but you also need tools and techniques to support their greater, strategic functions. And in this case, mobile monitoring will be that tool.

What is Mobile Monitoring?

Mobile monitoring is a tool—or software we should say—that is installed onto a target phone and records all of its activities, often uploading collected data onto an online control panel. The data collected pertains to the activities conducted on the phone such as call logs, text messages, photos, GPS location and the like. Sounds simple enough? The true scope of how a mobile monitoring app can be used is left to your imagination. In this case, you can use the features that the app provides to help some with their addiction.

How Can it Help With a Shopping Addiction?

With you mobile monitoring app, you can also watch over a person’s web activity. You know exactly what websites they visit and how much time they spend on each webpage. Therefore, when you’re helping someone out with their CBD, you would know anytime log on to make a purchase. That’s when you can step in and help them through with your counsel and emotional support.

Moreover, you also have the ability to set alarms. These would be trigger activities that give you the heads up anytime there is something related to their addiction happening.

How Accessible is Mobile Monitoring?

This is basically a mobile app which you can download onto any smartphone—so really, it is as accessible as they get. You won’t need any fancy add-ons, you unnecessary set ups. All you have to do to help out someone you love with CBD is to install an app on their phones.

If your child or someone you love is falling into the compulsive online shopping pit, take a moment to figure how out you’re going to help. Remember, mobile monitoring is only going to be a tool to assist you. Think through how you’re going to help them in greater detail.


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