The Absolute Guide for Preparing for Summer ‘17

The Absolute Guide for Preparing for Summer ‘17

Summer is officially now is session as schools close up and students from universities come back to home. It’s sort of like a sweet reunion moment for the entire family because now all of you are finally together for an extended amount of time without someone having to leave back in a few days. All of you are finally together for an endless summer. The first few days of this are great! You are extremely happy in each other’s company, some of you might catch up on some much needed sleep and some of you might catch up on the shows you missed out on because of exams or just general lack of time.

But slowly you will realize that you don’t have much to do. You’ll spend your days in your room watching your shows until you’ve caught up with all of them. You’ll watch all the movies you need to and then some. Your sleep cycle will definitely be the one to suffer here! It will become an endless cycle of the same thing over and over until you get bored to death of this and actually start wishing that school starts over again. College students might feel this much earlier!

If you’re a parent and you’re reading this, you know you can predict these situations three to two possible outcomes:

  1. Your children will either spend the entire summer in their bedrooms or at home (there is no harm in that!)
  2. They’ll spend more than half the time out with friends
  3. They’ll want a vacation

You’ll feel cheated in a way, if situation ‘b’ happens, because you’d been looking forward to having everyone back home for family time , you might have made plans for everyone too! It’s okay if they do go out and about but you shouldn’t be scared of asking them to spend time with you.

There might be a scenario similar to situation ‘c’ where you haven’t even planned anything and your children might be expecting something out of the holiday, which is very likely to happen! Here are a few tips and ideas you can use to fully use your summer vacations!

Arrange A Trip To The Mountains

Climates are rising and it’s getting hotter than ever before even though some people deny it! It’s probably sweltering anywhere and having the AC on 24/7 isn’t much an affordable option. You can take the kids to the local water park sure, but why not try something a little more adventurous?

The summers are probably the best time for an escape to the mountains! It will probably do them a whole lot of good to be away from all their devices and any sort of unnecessary communication online for while and to be away from the whole hustle and bustle of the city anyways. They probably won’t even realize there is a ‘noise’ around them until they get to the destination.

Going somewhere north where there are mountains, nature and cold climate that is a wonderful way to relax, you’ll find yourself at peace most of the time. There is several government and private authorities and services who have already made accommodations and arrangements for this trip you would want to take. These accommodations usually offer a hotel stay, travelling, food and adventure activities such as trekking, fishing and all sorts of nature related endeavors. What’s even better is that these services are usually very affordable and the per person cost is next very feasible.

Things To Take With You on A Mountain Trip

If you have decided on a mountain trip get away, packing is usually a huge issue. People tend to over pack and don’t end up using more than half of the things they brought with them. All the extra luggage becomes sort of a burden because you aren’t sure if you should leave it all in the hotel or take it in the bus.  Worry not, since below is a few of the core things you should pack when planning a mountain vacation:

· The Least Amount of Clothes

You will NOT need a lot of clothes. These sorts of trips aren’t very long and since you’re in a colder climate, you won’t sweat much and your clothes won’t need to be changed. Besides, it will be way too cold to change anyways! A few hoodies, two pairs of jeans and good boots (for trekking) will be enough.

· Battery Packs

Although you wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) be using your devices that much, it is always a good idea to carry around a battery pack for emergency purposes. Especially when you’re a parent, you are representing your family and therefore will be contacted by hotel staff, trekking companions etc.


Now you’re probably wondering why you would ever need your trusty cell-phone tracking in an environment like this? Your child can’t possibly be up to their mischievous behavior up here. Well the real reason you should have it is security! Even though you will probably be never apart, there are several instances where while hiking or trekking, people will absentmindedly take a wrong turn and will end up in a completely deserted place alone. Having XNSPY on your phone and your child’s phone will ensure a level of security of their whereabouts as their current location will be constantly updated for you. In the case that they somehow get lost, you have something to fall back on and something that will probably help you find them. This will help you in  a way that you never thought it would!

· Sunscreen

Since you’re higher up, the sun is a little more intense and you can end up with serious sun burns. A little sunscreen goes a long way!

· Toilet Paper

You probably won’t be in your hotel all the time and you will probably be out camping or trekking and in those precious moments, another precious moment might occur. You do not want to be the person without toilet paper then. Packs LOTS of It, it will help beyond lavatory labors.

So what we’re basically saying here is, don’t waste the summer time. Take a trip, have a vacation and just use your time to the fullest!


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