The Definite Guide to Making it Through the Spring Break Without Any Incidents

The Definite Guide to Making it Through the Spring Break Without Any Incidents

Parents, by nature, tend to be worriers. However, when the Spring Break looms large, the worrying hits al all new high. My coworkers who have teens of their own are already planning the impending spring break getaways where they get to break free from responsibility, even if just for a little bit. Just looking at those parents preparing for what’s to come is giving me anxiety and I can’t even imagine going through it myself.

Something a coworker of mine told me recently, “Jen, what do I do? All my children want to go out with their own little group of friends, and if could split myself into three and follow them all around, I would. I feel like I’m losing my mind and I haven’t even had my morning cup of coffee yet.” All I could do was provide some empathy. But what she said made me wonder… could she follow them around if she wanted to?

Fact is she can’t, but that doesn’t mean she should not use the right tools and proper planning. What I can do for her is turn her from a worrier to a warrior, and I think all you parents should follow my lead. What you need to do is mobile monitor, which means follow them around—without actually being there with them. Sit back and enjoy the rest of your Spring Break, no problem.

So when I offered her the solution, my coworker decided to take this blog head on (I mean, she works for this place and it is fun to have some cross-departmental fun, isn’t it?). Here’s Sally, our graphic girl, about to hit you up with some facts.

How Do I Track My Kids Through the Spring Break?

How’s it going guys—this is Sally. I’ve just realized that writing the beginning bit of a blog is really awkward. I’m much more used to producing intros for videos and “How’s it going” was perhaps a bit clumsy as far as the written word goes. But I promise to be much more eloquent from here on out. So, I tried mobile tracking for my kids and I’m going to continue doing it throughout the Spring Break. Why?

How sure are you that your kid isn’t going to sneak out way past their curfew? When my boys have put on their adventure mode, they get rather reckless, and get a sense of bravado. I suppose it comes with the fact that on this night, pretty much everyone around them is being just as reckless. I feel like Americans take it upon themselves to get drunk for the nation; such is our sense of patriotism. But I’m pretty sure when they tell me they’re just going to try “a  bit of surfing and be back safely”, they are straight up lying to my face. It is in situations like these that I have to turn to my mobile tracker. There is a lot of trouble that boys their age can get themselves into in this day and age. I know boys that have been wrongly convicted for drug dealing, or got too adventurous and tried shop lifting simply for fun. I don’t want my boys getting in that sort of trouble or mixing in with the wrong crowd. Moreover, I know that on this day, kids are going to experiment with funny narcotics when they’re on their own. Not the kind that they’ll have to reach out to someone to buy, but the DIY kinds. This is something I have strictly told my sons to stay away from. I don’t want them dealing with or handling homemade concoctions because they are simply not safe. So I use my tracker to keep a well eye on their behavior.

How Does XNSPY Mobile Tracker Work?

What you’ve got to do is install the app on your child’s phone. Now I know for a fact kids these days don’t leave anywhere without their phones. I know what you’re thinking. There is no way kids will ever agree to having a tracker in their phones so their parents can snoop in on them. But the best part about XNSPY is that it is totally discreet. It works on the child’s phone invisibly. They can go out to their little barbecue parties or go see the parade, or wherever and I’ll know

  • Their real time location
  • Their complete location history
  • If they’ve got to a dangerous area

right from home. They would never ever know the tracker is there! And you can step in if your suspect something is wrong.

Apart from this, you can listen into their phone calls any time you like, read their messages as they come and even see their emails. This way you’ll know what plans they are making with their friends and if they are thinking about getting into trouble. What defines trouble?

For me, it is meddling with contraband. Like I mentioned before, it means no firecrackers, no booze (not even a tiny sip from someone else’s bottle), and absolutely no drugs. Trouble also means harming others or being a menace to society. I’ve told them that I will find out if they get into mischievous activities such as vandalism, releasing homemade fireworks in places where it is not safe and staying out irresponsibly late.

Spring Breaking Needs to Be Easier

So I definitely suggest to every parent to mobile monitor, especially on this Spring Break. I make it a point to keep an eye on my children whenever they go out with friends, but even if you don’t do that, try and be more conscious of their activities during the weel. I’ve heard that this year is going to be especially chaotic, so much so that Tampa Bay has released a PSA with safety tips. They’ve even worked and assigned a few officers just to keep an eye on Spring Breaks. One team has been deployed to take care of first aid and the other has been assigned the responsibility of safety on the beach.

Take advantage of these apps and encourage you children to do the same. You don’t want a week of fun to turn into a week of horrors.


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