What to Do When You’ve Lost or Misplaced Your Phone

Misplaced Your Phone

We’ve all been there.

One moment you swear you had your phone right in your pocket; the next moment it is gone. You furiously tap all your pockets—or if you’re like me—upturn your entire purse. The debris and purse sand comes out, but your phone is nowhere to be found. If you’re a forgetful mind, you’ve probably been in situations like these quite a few times.

Here are some stats on lost phones presented by Lookout:

Here’s what they tell you:

  • The dollar value for lost phones is $7 million
  • Phones are most often lost at grocery stores, pizza places and gas stations
  • People from Philadelphia are most like to lose their phones.

The Problem With Lost Devices

Sure we put a dollar value on the actual, physical device that you lose. But stop to think about everything else that you have stored on that device. It was your key to your online world. This means you probably had a lot of important data on their as well. Such as:

  • Saved credit card numbers
  • ID, license and social security details
  • Email access
  • Saved social media passwords
  • Personal photos

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. These days, people tend to have their entire lives on their phones. Loss of all that data is dangerous—it means identity theft, cyberstalking, even real stalking if the device falls into the wrong hands. You may argue that your phones are password protected. And we’ll remind you that these passwords are very easily crackable… and you don’t even need sophisticated code or algorithms for it. Just simple, primitive techniques.

So, what to do when you’re confronting the worst case scenario and have lost your phone?

XNSPY to the Rescue

With any luck, you’ve been reading this blog and already had XNSPY installed onto your phone. XNSPY doesn’t just work as a monitoring tool for another target phone. You can use it for your own device’s personal security. Might we remind you that we’ve got a handy dandy remote control as one of our features? This is what is going to come in use here. Here’s how.

The Lock Phone Option

With the remote control, you can log onto the control panel and simply send a command through the web that would lock your phone. This means that in the event that your phone gets lost or stolen, you will be able to remotely lock it so that no one can access its contents. This locks can only be undone through the app. So in the time you’re tracing back your steps and searching for your missing phone, you can lock it and secure all your data from potential intruders.

The Wipe Data Option

If you think your phone is gone for good and there is nothing you can do to get it back, you can at least salvage your data through the wipe data option. This will clear the phone’s memory completely so that if someone is to find/steal your device, it would contain none of your personal virtual belongings. They would only get the physical device out of this situation.

The Always Trusty GPS Tracker

Something that will help you in your search for your lost or misplaced phone? The GPS tracker. If you’ve been smart and downloaded XNSPY on your phone on a precautionary basis, the tracker will help you locate it. This way, you can find out if you left it in that coffee shop, or at work, or at the gas station. Or if it is simply hiding under the depths of your couch. In that case, at least you’ll know your phone is home.


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