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How to Find Out Which Apps Have Been Installed on Your Child’s Device?

Before getting a cell phone or a tablet for your kid, did you stop and think what you are really giving them access to? Your kids can do a lot with one device and it is definitely more than what you could imagine. They can be downloading apps that you didn’t even know exist.

In case you don’t know how your children are using their mobile devices and what apps they are downloading, there is a way you can stay informed about everything. Here are some measures you can take as a parent to stay on top of the game:

How to Find Out Which Apps Have Been Installed on Your Child’s Device?
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Method 1: Periodically Check Their Apps

One simple way of seeing what apps have been installed is to just grab their phone and do a little inventory check. What many parents forget is that
apps can be stored in subfolders too. In iOS, it is called nesting and in Android, it is called stacking. So, make sure you open up the subfolders too.

It’s great that you can check all the apps installed on the target phone (your child’s device) but what about the apps that are hidden? Not all parents are tech savvy enough to figure out there are hidden apps on the phone too. In that case this is what you need:


Method 2: Use Xnspy

As a parent, you would definitely wish to remotely monitor how your child is using their phone. Xnspy can help you with that. This monitoring app will let you know what apps have been installed on your child’s device (even the hidden apps) whether it is an iPhone, iPad, tablet, or an Android phone. Kids are quite smart these days and they are always one step ahead of us. It is easy for them to hide private apps and multimedia on their phones. But don’t worry, Xnspy will help you reveal everything. You have to install this app on the target device and then use a remote log in to access the information you are looking for. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to view apps installed on your child’s phone:

Step 1: Log into Your Account

Visit and enter the login credentials provided to you at the time of sign up.

Xnspy dashboard
Xnspy dashboard

Step 2: Click on “Installed Apps”

Click on ‘Installed Apps’ from the dashboard menu on your right.

Step 3: View all Apps

You will be taken to a screen showing all the apps installed on the phone even the ones that were hidden.

Xnspy dashboard
Xnspy dashboard

Step 4: Block Any App

You can also block any app you want to with the ‘Block’ button at the end of each row.

If you come across apps that are new to you, take your time and do a little research. A simple Google research will give you all the answers to questions like what this app is about, how you can use it etc. If the app is not a good fit with the age of your child, just ask your kid to delete them.

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