For Android:

To  monitor the target device in real time:

  • Make sure that the GPS is enabled on the target device.
  • Make sure that the target device is connected to the internet so that XNSPY can upload the location logs in real time.

However, XNSPY also works in offline mode. It will record all the location logs when the target device has no internet connection and uploads as soon as it gets an internet connection.

For iOS device (Jailbreak Edition):

  • Please make sure that “Location Services” are enabled on the target iOS device.
  • Please make sure that the target device has an internet connection so that our app can upload the data from it the online control panel.

For iOS device (No Jailbreak Edition):

  • XNSPY  uploads the monitored location logs after every one hour if the target device is connected to the internet. Otherwise, they will be uploaded with the iCloud backup.
  • XNSPY uses “Find My iPhone” to locate the device’s location , so make sure that you have toggled on “Find My iPhone” on the target device.


A new location will only be registered if there is a 100-meter displacement on the target device. If the monitored device isn’t moving, XNSPY will only register a single location stamp.

If you have more queries, please contact our XNSPY Live Customer Support.