Coronavirus Cleaning: How to sanitize your phone?

Coronavirus Cleaning: How to sanitize your phone?

You can keep yourself and your family safe from washing your hands frequently. But what about your phone? The novel coronavirus can survive on some surfaces up to nine days including your phone that you keep in your hands all day. People have become concerned, almost paranoid regarding staying clean. Since smartphones and other devices can carry a lot of germs, you must clean those gadgets amidst coronavirus.

Apple recommends cleaning iPhones with disinfectant wipes

You can easily disinfect electronic devices now. Apple announced that you can use disinfectant wipes to clean your iPhone. The company recommends using a slightly damp lint-free cloth to wipe the device clean. Apple changed its former stance of avoiding disinfectants as they might remove the oleophobic coating on your phone. Apple recommends using Clorox Disinfecting Wipes and similar products containing 70% isopropyl alcohol to gently clean iPhones.

Some cleaning agents might bring effective results but could damage your phone screen or even the internal components of your phone. There are some products you should avoid. Studies reveal that dangerous bacteria and viruses such as E. coli and staph can breed on your phone’s screen. And COVID-19 can thrive on surfaces a lot longer than we originally thought. Alcohol could be a good way to kill those germs.

Apple recommends gently wiping the exterior surfaces of your iPhone using these wipes and stated on its updated support page. See that you don’t use bleach and do not get any moisture in any openings or submerge your iPhone in any cleaning agents. You should avoid using any harsh chemicals such as chlorine and bleach. These chemicals can damage your screen.

What do the experts say?

Experts suggest that there is no use of focusing on your phone’s cleanliness if you are not practicing good hygiene. So, you must take the necessary precautions to wash your hands for 20-30 seconds with soap, don’t touch your face and eyes, and avoid gatherings, and so on.

Although phones can be sanitized, if that is your worry but what is more important is staying away from sick people, maintain social distancing, and wash/sanitize your hands. These steps can significantly lessen the risk of you getting infected. And compared to the risk of getting COVID-19 virus from your phone is a lot less than getting it from being close to someone who is infected with the disease. But, you shouldn’t ignore the cleanliness and desensitizing your phone.

Do UV Lights Work?

In some viruses, UV light has been quite effective. But so far, there has been no study or research that supports the idea of UV being useful against COVID-19. And considering the alcohol wipes, these gadgets come costly. So, there is no point in wasting money on buying it when you are not even sure if they would work.

Use a screen protector

A lot of people would be concerned with oleophobic coating on their phones but they can really minimize the chances of that by using a screen protector that could be easily bought off Amazon. Make sure to sanitize any new purchases that you may get delivered to avoid any contamination.

Use Alcohol Pads

An alternative to alcohol wipes is alcohol pads. They are cheaper and have 70% IPA in most cases. Just wipe your phone regularly with alcohol pads. If you are using a jelly case for your phone, you could also take it off and wash it with soap and water. You could also regularly sanitize over the phone cover. If you are going out, make sure not to take your phone out or use it. But if you do, carry alcohol pads with yourself so you could sanitize your phone before entering the house.