You Need to Start Using the XNSPY Watchlist Pronto

You Need to Start Using the XNSPY Watchlist Pronto

Okay, here’s the thing. I’ve been reviewing some of your queries this past week and I started noticing a trend. There is a certain XNSPY feature that is going rather unused, and it bewilders me because it is literally one of our most basic functions. We’re talking about the Watchlist.

If you’ve got XNSPY installed on your child or employee’s phones/tablets, then you should have the Watchlist set up as well. We’ve done a post about how you can use it to reduce clutter on your dashboard. Today, we’re going to talk about all the benefits you can get by using this really simple tool.

How Watchlist Words Are Helpful

Once you put a word in the XNSPY Watchlist, you receive alerts when that word is sent by the target user or sent on the target device. So what words should you put on the Watchlist? Mostly, any words that you feel are “triggers” or something you need to be aware of when it appears in a conversation.

For example, when watching over teens that are growing up, you could put in words like “weed” or “blunt” or “beer” on the Watchlist. So anytime these words are used in email, text or instant messages, you are instantly notified.

Similarly, employers can put in words such as “business plan”, “launch day”, “financial statements” or other trigger words on the Watchlist. These could be words that alert you when sensitive data is being shared. Or you could use the Watchlist to be notified of whether or not a task is being worked on.

Have You Set Up Watchlist Locations Yet?

Watchlist locations are especially handy for both parents and employers.

For employers, Watchlist locations can help streamline offsite business operations in a systematic manner. If you’ve got drivers and delivery people, Watchlist locations will tell you exactly where they have been throughout the day. This can reduce convenient times, minimize pilferage and ensure employee safety.

Similarly, parents can use Watchlist locations so that they can be alerted right away if a child enters a dangerous area. These areas can be clubs, bars, or places that present a safety risk. It pushes you to action so that the child doesn’t get into the bad kind of trouble.

Beware of Watchlist Contacts

Another use for the XNSPY Watchlist? You can mark certain contacts and be notified when there is correspondence with them from either side.

Employers can mark important customers or suppliers or business partners—even rivals—as the Watchlist contacts to be notified when an employee is communicating with them.

Parents can put on the Watchlist Contact anyone who they think is bad news or anyone they feel like they need to keep a closer eye on. This could be someone who is bullying your kid, someone who is turning out to be a bad influence, or someone who you’re not completely sure of.

You’ll Get Instant Alerts!

The best part about the Watchlist is that you get instant alerts anytime a “trigger” activity takes place—when a trigger contact is communicated with, when a trigger word is used, or when the child/employee enters a Watchlist area. It really cannot get more convenient than this.

Your XNSPY monitoring app is way more versatile than you realized, isn’t it?


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